Thiago is an IT and Internet professional since 1999. Currently, he works as an analyst of Information Technology at UTFPR Londrina.

As a web developer, he has expertise in web standards (front-end), RESTful services (back-end), information architecture, usability, and accessibility. He researches and acts in Software Engineering, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Information Science, and Data Science.

His academic background is in Computer Science (graduate, master, and currently, a doctoral student). In your doctoral research, he studies the user experience (UX) with WebXR technologies and solutions. How do the users interact with your hands in Augmented or Mixed Reality? What is the aftereffect for Usability or Accessibility?

He worked as coordinator and teacher of the Specialization in Web Development (post-graduate course). He was also visiting professor in others post-graduates. He teaches HTML, CSS, Javascript, WebAPIs, PHP, Restful, UX, Usability, Accessibility, Information Architecture, etc. For 12 years, he was an entrepreneur in the ICOMP digital agency.

He is a working group member about Web Accessibility at the W3C Brasil office and contributes to some projects. He also contributed to the Brazil project e-Gov and was a technical evangelist about Web Accessibility, Web APIs, HTML5, and CSS3!

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